Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Room with a view

On Monday afternoon I rode out to Turkey for several hike/run hill repeats, grew bored, and started running North on the Ho Chi trail in search of the famed "petroglyph" cave. I’ve been visiting Turkey for several years now and have yet to find the famous cavern with the curious markings. According to some, the signs and runes are evidence of pre-Columbian European travelers. Add it the hundreds of other places scattered throughout this land where local devotees make similar claims. Much more credible, in my view, was its use as a hobo shelter in more recent times.

It turns out that I wasted a lot of time navigating the various ledges off the trail. As I found out later, the cave is off the Lo Chi trail at the base of the ridge, closer to the rail tracks. Oh well, another day, another post. I did find this overhang, however. It would make a decent shelter and has a view to die for.

A few more curiosities along the way...

I ran a decent amount of trail and the knee felt fine. Trying not to read too much into it through.

Recovered with Anchor Brewing's Liberty Ale. Refreshing is the word. Flavorful, but not trying to be anything fancy. Dry finish. A great ending for a hot day on the trails.


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