Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rain on Turkey

I woke up to the sound of rain spilling out of our clogged gutters. No biking today - roll over. After a lazy morning drinking coffee and checking twitter updates on the TNF 50 mile championship, I got to thinking about how dry Turkey Mountain is for most of the year. All those tumbling beds of stone without a drop of water in them. There are even a few drop offs that look like they could host waterfalls. Surely several hours of steady rain would create some new sights on the familiar trails, I thought, so I drove out in the afternoon to check it out.

An empty Turkey parking lot: a rare sight for any weather.

Going up, I nearly slipped right off this little bridge.

At the top of the hill I took the Copperhead trail all the way North to the ravine, where I thought would be the best chance to see some running water. Alas, there were plenty of large puddles, but nothing that was flowing beyond a trickle. I think I'll have to wait for the Spring to catch any action here.

Here's just one of the many potential cascades on the mountain. Nothing today, however.

On a side note, I hiked this 3 mile round trip at a decent clip without actually running. The knee held up very well, which means I'll probably be ready to start running on more level terrain this week.

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