Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Memorable Summer Beers of '11

One thing that I miss from New England is the regularity of the seasons. Summer weather ends in September. The winter cold started to kick in by mid - late November. Every year. Oklahoma is a very different experience. You get the same seasons in the sense that Fall inevitably comes in between Summer and Winter, but all seasons outside of the sweltering summer are less definable, less tangible. You get the pleasant weather most of us associate with summer right into November. So while this post may seem a little late, I feel like summer is only now wrapping it up.

I tasted many a delicious brew this summer, but I will only focus on two that became somewhat regular staples, "go to beers" if you will.

If you think that all pale lagers tatse the same, you need to try Full Sail's Session Lager. The perfect hot weather beer. A bit of malty sweetness, a bit of citrusy hops with a clean finish. No strong flavors, just a pleasant and consistent taste that lasts the whole bottle. The perfect session beer. Check it out.


It was nice to discover a local gem: Marshall's Arrowhead Pale Ale, their summer seasonal. Not sure why this isn't considered an IPA. Grapefruit flavors dominate this one, just the way I like it.  The casked version at McNellies was even better; less bitter but more complex flavors.

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