Thursday, November 3, 2011

One Crazy Idea

Over the summer I read this Runners World article about a burnt out runner in the heart of Los Angeles. Running a set course in his neigborhood week after week just wasn't cutting it anymore, so he picked up a map of the city, drew a 1 mile radius around his house and set a rule that he couldn't take the same route twice. Thus began a fascinating journey of discovery in the City of Angels.

I think many of us reach a point where something like this becomes necessary. For me, trail running broke the monotony and put adventure into back into the running. But there remain those busy weekdays when heading up to Turkey Mt. just isn't an option. I live in the Brookside area, not far from the river trails, and when we moved to Tulsa I was stoked to be so close to the river.

Today I have to push myself to run the same route down 41st to the Quicktrip plaza, North to the railroad bridge, across the bridge and back. Don't get me wrong. Its a beautiful route, especially in the Fall, but I'm getting tired of the routine. I've been thinking that drawing a 1 mile radius in a town like Tulsa (and a neighborhood like Brookside) could just the sort of thing I need to keep at it.


 What secrets do you hold, Brookside?

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