Monday, January 9, 2012

The Three Sisters and the Holy Trinity

I woke up ready for an epic ride to some new exotic locale, but the necessities of home ownership intervened. By the time I was able to hit the saddle, there was less than two hours of sunlight remaining. Would it be yet another circuit of the Arkansas? Then I remembered the Three Sisters, a series of three hills just over the bridge in West Tulsa. Well loved and frequented by local cyclists, this short 2-3 mile stretch of road goes straight up and over some of the steepest hills in the area. I had driven over them in my car once before, but had yet to try them with the power of my own legs. From 41st street I turned North unto 47th ave. I was immediately pursued by a coupleof ferocious looking canines right up to the summit of the first sister.  I bet they've chased many a cyclist up that hill. 

From the top of the second sister, the tallest and most difficult one (from either direction), looking South.

From the same location looking North. I forgot that the greater challenge overall is from the North, with the greater elevation gain and steeper ascents.

Several more miles on the river trails and it was a wrap. Time for a beer.

I'd say that you have to be pretty confident in your abilities as a brewer to name your beer Salvation. One of the "Holy Trinity" of ales put out by Avery Brewing Co., it certainly dazzles the eyes with a clear golden amber hue and a thick creamy head. It is smooth, almost creamy, on the mouth. In the taste I get fruitiness, yeasty spiciness, toast, a bit of alcohol, pine with a lingering bitterness. For some reason this reminds me  of French hanahbells, those bitter thimble cheeses. This beer is classified as a Belgian Strong Ale, and strong it is. Definitely an after dinner sipper.

I did not find salvation in this brew, but it was enjoyable all the same.

Notice how the Trinity looks like clones of Jesus.

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