Monday, June 10, 2013

Tulsa Tough

Ran down to the Riverparks with the fam to watch the last day of Tulsa Tough. Its quite an spectacle that draws a large crowd. We arrived just in time to watch the mens category 1 and 2 finals.

There's nothing quite like feeling the rush of the peleton from five feet away.

The course was about a mile long and includes the infamous Cry Baby Hill, a seemingly modest climb that probably starts to hurt after a dozen loops. Its one big party, with more than a few intoxicated enthusiasts getting right up next to the riders, Tour de France style, to express their support.

I'm hoping that some of that enthusiasm will rub off and move me to start putting some miles on the bike again.

I brought home a six pack of Stone IPA from Colorado. Its got everything you need at the end of a summer day: grapefruit and tropical fruit (mango?) followed by a nice bitter bite and a dry finish. A world class beer, for sure.


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