Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Golden Gate 12 miler report

Well that was a completely different beast. Hike up the mountain, run down, repeat. At the most, there were a few hundred yards of level running.

Overall, the run went surprisingly well. I stuck to the plan of holding back until the ascent to Windy Peak, and as a result, had plenty of energy throughout the race. I did well with the power hiking and passed a number of people going up. The altitude didn't seem to bother me in any noticeable way. Managing the descent, however, turned out to be quite a challenge. It started outwell enough, but I soon started to get little twangs of muscle cramp in the hams. My legs were warning me that they would get much worse if I didn't slow down and shorten my stride. Was it dehydration, or just overly stressed hamstrings? Probably the latter. How does a flatlander prepare for so much continuous downhill running?

Soon enough, I was passed by everyone I had passed on the uphill. It was a little frustrating to watch this happen as I had the all energy needed to increase my pace for the last split. Finished in 2:51. Like last year's Pumpkin Holler, I feel good about the day but see so much room for improvement.

Pre- race check in at the barn

Boulder Beer's Copper Ale and a xylophone ensemble for the recovery.

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  1. Thats frustrating. Beat them fair and square on the climbs only to lose on the downhills. I had that same issue when I ran my first race a few years back. But then again, just know that you would beat a lot of CO people on straight aways. Looks loike you had fun though!