Saturday, January 18, 2014

The black tree

I ran a big loop around Mountain today with enough diversions along the way to get in six miles. This photo is of the interior of the abandoned vehicles that are along Pepsi Lake. I'm going to presume these are old abandoned Pepsi trucks as a bottling plant lies immediately to the North of here.

There is a new trail on Turkey Mountain. In general, I am opposed to the making of more trails as there are already too many of them in on such a small track of land. But this one breaks new ground on the South side of 61st street. Running on fresh single track reminds me of how much we've made a mess of the more popular trails.

The main attraction for me on this one mile loop is an uncannily dark tree. Every time see it I'm compelled to stop and walk around it. Most of its branches are dead and blackened, perhaps from a fire. They appear to be reaching down, grasping at something with sinister intent, like Old Man Willow in The Lord of the Rings.

This is the second photo I've taken of the tree. They both fall short of capturing the air of malevolence in the place. A work in progress, I guess.

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