Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Back again!

A very short sabbatical it was.

The fact is, I need this blog. But expect the focus to change a bit. You'll still have bikes running and beer, but I'm done with the typical "how's my running going" and race report stuff. Not that there was much of that last year. This blog has reignited a passion for outdoor photography, and I want to pursue this further.

Anyone who is into digital photography knows that properly cataloging photos can be a real pain in the behind. First, there's the matter of easy and consistent organization, something with which I constantly struggle with. But there's also the issue of recording context. I need a way to record the adventure behind the photo. That's where this blog comes in handy.

I recently picked up a Canon S100, a point-and-shoot that acts like a real camera, and I'm even considering dusting off my Dad's old Minolta film camera. I have been trying to improve on both composition and technique, with the ultimate goal of being able to take better photos while adventuring in the great outdoors.

So come with me on this new adventure! Let us go and look for new things and see old things in a new way.

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