Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rediscover the familiar

Turkey Mountain undergoes a truly magical transformation during this time of year. 

In winter, the land is characterized by its openness. The river and surrounding hills can be seen through the bare branches. You see the lay of the land ahead and always know where the trail is going. While the views are nice, the place feels a bit small. 

And then, almost overnight, Turkey explodes with vegetation. In some places, the trail becomes more of a narrow tunnel in the dense foliage and undergrowth, having an almost claustrophobic feel. Birds mating in the trees, insects crawling in the leaves and my own footsteps are amplified in this natural studio. That constant drone of automobiles, so prominent in the winter, fades a bit. The trail that you've been running for months now has you disoriented and second- guessing where the next bend might lead.

Its time to rediscover the familiar.

Totally accidental, but I though it was pretty cool.

A suitable beer to match this explosion of life might be Tallgrass' new Ethos IPA. 110 IBU's, according to the can. The smell and taste are so fresh. This one has a nice balance of hop flavor and bitterness that makes it very drinkable. I'd put it up there with the best of them.

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