Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Golden Gate

A work conflict kept me from the Oklahoma City Marathon this year, and that was just as well. My training wasn't up to the level I wanted in order to give it my best, making the price and time spent away hard to justify. If I do a road marathon this year, it''ll be Tulsa's Route 66 in the Fall.

One race that I have signed up for and really excited about is The Golden Gate Dirty Thirty - a 12 mile trail race in Colorado on June 1st, when we will be visiting God's country. The race is in Golden Gate Canyon, a beautiful state park in the foothills of the Rockies just West of Denver. I have blogged about running in the park here.
Dude's Fishing Hole in Golden Gate Canyon State Park
The Dirty Thirty has a 50k and 12 miler, and I would have preferred the challenge of 30 miles in the mountains if getting to the starting line at 6am wasn't such a logistical nightmare.  The 12 mile race begins at 9 and has a shuttle that takes you to the starting line. Much easier on the family :)

From a look at the elevation profile, the 12 miler is not walk in the park.

And running the 12 miler will allow me to do a little bit more than merely survive to the finish line. So how does a flatlander prepare for a good showing at a race like this? Plenty of Lipbuster repeats, for sure.

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