Friday, July 27, 2012

It's hot and other news

It's hot, folks. Running at night is the rule rather than the exception these days.

I decided against entering the duathalon two weeks back when I took a look at the race fee. Yes, there's the mild curiosity and the chance to have something interesting to blog about. But we're talking about 60 dollars for a course that I bike and run daily! And while we're on entry fees, I'm done with 5ks that cost over 30 dollars. This weekend I'm doing my own personal time trial and hope to cut a nice chunk out of my 5k PR. Say hello to the race director and her assistant.

And then my focus will be exclusively on Flatrock and Pumpkin Holler. I'm going to run up and down every stinkin' hill this town has to offer before the end of September rolls around.

This weekend should be a good one for race spectating. There's the Olympics, of course, for those who have cable or who can find their way around the restrictions on live streaming via the Internet. The Speedgoat 50k is packed with some of the best ultra- runners on both the national and international scenes. A deep field on the men's side should keep things pretty exciting until the end. I'd like to see Anton win it, coming back from over a year of various injuries/complications.. Getting injured frequently is the one thing we both have in common when it comes to running.

It was time for a break from the quaffable lagers and pale ales of summer; time for something a little more substantial and yet still refreshing. On a whim I decided to try Boulevard's Tank 7 Farmhouse (Saison) Ale, a well regarded representative of a style that I'm not too familiar with.

Tank 7 is packed full of aroma and flavor. Tangy, citrusy and spicy. I have to say that the sourness is a nice change and I'm warming up to that characteristic Belgian- style spice. Very dry on the finish. At 8.0 ABV, you want to be careful with this one, especially after a run! Cheers!

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  1. You have picked two excellent races to run, my friend.