Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Looking ahead

They say an idle mind is a dangerous thing. An idle runner's mind is even more dangerous. Between bottle feeding, changing diapers and attempts to be a helpful around the house, I've been scheming over the coming running season. I have never actually completed a season without an injury wrecking my plans, but there is good reason to think that regular strength training has improved my chances of having a good year. Here's hoping.


July 4th - Firecracker 5k
Since my training for the next few weeks will be limited to 5 - 8k runs, I thought I'd work a bit on my 5k PR. I haven't run an official 5k in well over a year, when I PR'd at just above 23 minutes. I know I'm faster than that now and woud like to get under 21 minutes on this fairly flat course through downtown Tulsa.

July 15th - Christa Vos Duathalon
5km run, 30 km bike, 5 km run right in my backyard along the river. Not sure what to expect with this one since I am pretty slow on a bike, and refuse to buy triathlon pants, but it should be a fun day all the same.

September 29th - Flatrock 25k
I've always wanted to run this race along the North shore of the beautiful and rugged (for Kansas) Elk City Lake. I won't be ready for the 50k at that point and will focus on running the 25k well.

October 20th - Pumpkin Holler 50k
This is the Trail Zombie's race out near Tahlequah. I feel like I've run the course just from reading descriptions on his blog. In many respects, this race seems to be the ideal entry 50k for me. The course is non- technical, on mostly dirt and gravel roads through the scenic JT Nickel Preserve, with just enough hills to keep it interesting.

Nov. 4th - Turkey and Taturs 25k
Last year I finished at 2:43, despite some major bonking in the second half of the run. I would like to improve on that time, but I'm not sure if I'll be fully recovered from Pumpkin Holler at that point.


I would eventually like to do my own century ride, maybe from Tulsa to McCallister, probably after Turkey and Taturs.

Overly ambitious? Probably. Expect revisions once my body begins to give some feedback.

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