Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday morning

It was a typical, soon to be not so typical, Saturday morning. While M slept in, I headed out for a long run with the plan of meeting up with her at Mod's Crepe house to refuel. While I love to run for its own sake, it sure is satisfying to have a destination to aim for, even if it is for an indulgence. Took my time getting there, however, meandering amongst the swanky neighborhoods of mid-town and stopping in at a few yard sales.

My plan was to run for two and a half hours, rather than keep track of the mileage. I  reached downtown earlier than expected, and so continued North to explore the Brady district, then returned downtown via the "center of the universe."

One of my first memories of Tulsa is visiting this spot. If you stand in the circle, your voice echos off the surrounding concrete. Native Tulsan's of my generation seem quite proud of the place. Its a place to take your out- of- town friends when its late and you have nothing to do.

Crepes, strong coffee and NPR for the recovery.

If you recognize the importance of strength training for running and biking, but like me, dislike the routine of home work outs, might I suggest investing in a berenstain push mower. Great exercise for the arms and your actually doing something useful.

And when your done, you can relax with a cold one and feel like you've earned it. Tallgrass Brewing's Halcyon is my favorite wheat beer, hands down. You have the slightly tart grains, followed by citrus and grassy hops. Well balanced and refreshing. 


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