Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Dark day

I got a mild case of runners knee "Half and Half" half marathon a couple of weeks back, so I've scaled back on running a bit. After running hard and fast for the first 10 miles and feeling great for a strong finish, the pain seemed to appear out of nowhere. It was only possible to ignore for a few hundred yards, and from thence on I was reduced to walk/shuffle intervals. I finished with 2:22 on the clock, which I suppose wasn't so bad given the circumstances. Frustrating, but humbling. I think my body was protesting a lack of proper training, for the knee pain seems to have gone as quickly as it came.  Everything was fine on a five mile run around Turkey yesterday.

We've had more cloud cover than usual for this time of year. Dark skies don't usually lend themselves to great outdoor photography, but dreary and ominous can have its own beauty, especially at the pond with the lone tree.


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