Friday, June 13, 2014

Light and dark

This photo was taken last August after a spell of heavy rains. I love the way the tree appears to be consumed by the great big fiery ball. It calls to mind that eerie Pink Floyd song "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun."

Notice how, from the vantage-point of the camera, everything in front of the sun is in darkness. Yet we know that the people, the ducks, and the trees were engulfed in the same in light that hit the camera lens.

This got me thinking about perspective.We have dark moments in our lives; tragedy, loss, disappointment with ourselves or others. The light that gives us strength and hope seems diminished, or even absent. But here's the funny thing: when I've climbed out of those valleys and looked back, I have been able to see that light was present and active even in the darkest of moments.

What explains this lack of perspective in dark times? I don't have a good answer. Maybe its just an inescapable part of being human. But I have found something that can help me weather those storms better: curiosity. Engagement with the world. The more I explore, the more I reach out to others, the easier it to see things from other perspectives. Then, maybe, it will become easier to see the light at work in the midst of dark moments. Perhaps this is what the Jesuits mean by "finding God in all things."

Isaiah 9:1, A Catholic Photo Challenge Catholic Photo Challenge.

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