Saturday, June 14, 2014


This morning I was defeated by the trails I've been running for years. Turkey Mountain is a different world on a mountain bike.

I recently found a 2008 Marin East Peak on Craig's List for a price well below the blue book value. Overall, its in very good condition, although I think the derailleurs and breaks need some adjusting. The original plan was to find a hardtail 29er, but this deal was too good to pass up. As it turns out, I really need the dual suspension on the trails around here.

It turns out that mountain biking is harder than trail running. I spent most of my time on Turkey this morning walking this heavy bike through the steeper sections. My legs are strong, but I have absolutely no control on these rock infested trails. And where did all these rocks and roots come from, anyway? I sure haven't noticed them on my runs. Anything remotely technical on a downhill is as scary as my first ride on the big kids roller coaster. There's a steep learning curve here, which is both frustrating and exciting.

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