Friday, August 16, 2013

Sacred Ground (Day 23)

We've had some incredibly mild weather here in the last week. It was 60 degrees on Thursday morning as I went out for a quick loop on Turkey.

There is an awesome trail just to the East of the powerline clear-cut.  It stays in the woods for most of its journey North, skirting the edge of two tiny ponds on the way. The terrain is fairly technical with lots of little ups and downs to keep things interesting. On its Northern end, the trail briefly ventures out into the powerline clearing before it ducks back into the woods.

It was here that I noticed what looked like golf balls littered all over the trail. Hundreds of them. For whatever reason, the conditions were just right on this hard packed trail to support a massive colony of puffball mushrooms. They were so new that the mountain bikers hadn't got around to crushing them yet. I reverently tip-toed around them until I was in the clear. 

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