Thursday, August 15, 2013

A wonderful anomaly (Day 22)

On Wednesday evening I went for my usual run over to the Brridge with some extra pep in my gait. With the Arkansas rolling at 50, 000 cfs, I knew the area around the low- water dam would be a sight not to miss.

And wow, it did not disappoint! About half the town was out to marvel at the the giant curler waves and frenzy of  whitewater below us. There was a deafening roar only matched by the same river somewhere North of Buena Vista. Apparently the river hasn't been this high is several years.

Mr. Mayor, if you read my blog, why not declare a city- wide holiday? I mean, with all the negative news in our city of late, don't we need to celebrate something this awe- inspiring?

surf's up!

And I'll go ahead and break my one photo a day rule because the sunset was just too sweet to file away.

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