Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A new plan


I have this problem. I often get injured while training for longer races (as in above 25k). I have yet to make the starting line of an ultra (and I have trained for a few). While I'm sure there were multiple factors that contributed to my injuries, the long four to five hour training runs stand out. Running for that long for several weeks before a race seems to wear my body down, rather than build it up. So for  this time around, the plan is to go back to back on the weekends without ever running more than 3 hours at once, and never more than 45 miles per week. Will it work for a 50k? Or will I be under- prepared for the mileage? Only time will tell, I guess. One thing is certain though, I will be prepared for hills. Half of my weekly runs incorporate some of the biggest hills you can find around here.

I'm also doing more core work this time around, and the difference is as clear as day. I have greater control over my form and finish runs less sore. I love Tabatas, those furiously intense but quick repititions of crunches, push ups or whatever you need to work on.

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