Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The discipline of resting

A few weeks back, around the time of the last post , I decided to take an extended break from running and biking. On the one hand I was frustrated with the slow pace of recovery of my knee, while on on the other hand I was getting bored with an aimless routine of running three or four miles three or four times a week. It was time for a physical and mental break. I stopped most cycling as well, thinking that a more radical break from my entire exercise outdoor routine was in order. So lately I've been spending more of my free time sitting on my rear, working on yard projects, and, well... sitting on my rear. At first it was real easy, almost enjoyable to have this void to fill with other pursuits. But now, with the weather as warm as its been, its become a challenge not to lace up and run out the door. Strangely enough, its required more discipline than I've ever needed while running. Go figure. I'm thinking of holding off for yet another week to make it a full month of rest.

I did make one exception to my no running rule, and that was when I traveled to Indialantic Florida for a work related conference a couple of weeks back. Our hotel was right on the shore, with miles of beach stretching for miles in either direction. How could I not take advantage of this prime opportunity?

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