Monday, October 17, 2011

Lake Sahoma/ Pretty Water Lake Adventure

On my Monday off, I decided to take the bike out to explore the land West of Turkey Mt. into Sapulpa. I charted out a course that would take me out through the hills to Lake Sahoma just North of downtown Supulpa: about 33 miles round trip from the house.

I turned West on 81st and was soon in rolling hill country. Twists and turns and a couple of decent climbs on the way to the lake kept things interesting.

Up and over Oak Ridge and the road suddenly drops you off on a causeway in Lake Sahoma.

The lake is beautiful. Looking East:

Looking West:

Ride a little further down the lake road and there is a small park.

I took a different route back and was surprised to find another body of water just East of Sahoma: Pretty Water Lake. Pretty Water is actually a natural spring fed pond. It stands a good twenty feet higher than Sahoma.

Aint it pretty?

Pretty Water drains into Sahoma off a rock ledge, which must be an impressive waterfall in wetter times.

A paved trail runs along part of the shoreline. It would be a cool place to run if it completed a loop, but alas, the far side is privately owned.

Despite a few beat up sections of road, this was a very nice ride to a peaceful spot. I will have to return for a longer stay.

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