Monday, March 25, 2013

3h Snake report (3/16/13)

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The Snake 3 hour found me a bit under-prepared, typical for my first race of the year. I missed two key long runs in the build up, thanks to a cold and a new subscription to Netflix. The plan was to go slow and steady; a nice training run for the OKC Marathon next month.

Yeah, right. I don't possess that kind of discipline on race day. Adrenaline is a powerful drug, and it doesn't help that your constantly passing or being passed by someone, ever aware of where you stand in relation to those immediately in front of and behind you.  I finished each of the first out and backs (4.2 miles) in around 38 minutes.  And then the inevitable; about a mile into the fourth, the legs began to protest...loudly. On the return they simply gave out. After that it was waddle like a turtle. It took 46 minutes to finish the the fourth and final loop of the Snake trail. Then it was off to the half mile loop with 17 minutes left. The first loop was just pathetic; my right ham muscle cramped up, forcing me to sit down on the side of the trail for a few minutes. The second go around was better, but I finished with three minutes on the clock, not enough time to get another one in even on a good day. 17.8 total.

Could I have run smarter? Sure. But I'm not convinced that starting out slow would have saved that much energy for a strong finish. I suspect that my legs would've given out before the end simply due to the lack of cumulative time spent on my feet since Christmas. I seem to need an early race like this one to kick my ass in to gear and to start taking training seriously.

One thing I'm sure of: six hours of that trail sounds dreadful. My hat goes to those with the mental fortitude to stick it out that day.

Prairie Artisan Ale's 'Merica for the recovery. This farmhouse ale is springtime in a bottle. A single malt and single hop; deceptively simple ingredients for such a flavorful beer. Smells like fresh cut grass and earth. Tastes even better: earthy, grassy and citrusy hops, a bit of fruity tartness, with a spicy and dry finish.

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