Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Running the 12 days of Christmas

While my knee healed faster than expected after Pumpkin Holler, motivation has dropped of the charts.  I hate to admit it lace up and head out the door is a bit of a chore these days. I've become adept at generating compelling reasons to stay inside in the morning. Not doing much of the epic riding that I envisioned either. I get out to Turkey for a trail run now and then, and ride an occasional loop around the Arkansas on lunch breaks. Yup.

But that's about to change, because I have a plan. The idea is simple: twelve days, start on Christmas with one mile and add one for each following day. You know, like the song. That's 78 miles total. Since we're traveling, I tweaked the rules a bit (cause I'm the boss) and can do the daily mileage out of order. For example I can run twelve miles on day three and one mile on day get the idea.

Ridiculous, I know, but maybe its exactly what I need to get out of this funk. And 78 miles should make up for all the extra liquid bread I'll be consuming over the Holidays.

Speaking of brews, Boulevard's Long Strange Tripel is a trip indeed! Sweet upfront, bitter and dry on the finish, with lots of complexity coming out as it warms.


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